Why should I use your services to find a flat instead of searching myself?

Relocation adds value for newcomers who don’t know their new city, don’t speak the local language, don’t have the time to search for a property because their new job has started, or simply when you prefer to be professionally guided by a relocation agent knows your new city well and who works exclusively for you.

Why pick Relocation Experts rather than your competition?

Relocation Experts is a small independent relocation agency. Our customers enjoy working with a single relocation agent and our fees are competitive.

How do we work? How often will we be in contact?

We will be your first point of contact in your new city. On day one we will go through your search criteria and set-up our agenda. During the property search, we will be in contact with you as often as you would like us to be. Some people prefer to be informed on a regular basis, others prefer to let us do the work and discover the properties on the day of the visits. Whichever way we will provide you with a complete summary of all visits.

May I provide my feedback during the home search?

Of course you can. Many people even provide suggestions spontaneously. We work best in a trustworthy relationship with our clients. So please feel free to ask any questions.

Who pays the relocation services?

Either the employee benefits from a “relocation package” from the corporate or the employer simply agrees to reimburse the relocation fees. Private individuals may be able to deduct the relocation fees from their tax bill.

Will you ensure to find a property within my deadline?

With over 10 years of relocation experience and searching properties, we have never failed a deadline. We know how to work under pressure.

How early do I have to hire you to start my home search?

As soon as you know that you will be coming to our city, please try to let us know. This way we can set a property watch early on. Generally one to two months in advance are necessary to find a property.

What does your quote include?

There is a full range of services which can be picked à la carte: welcoming and explaining the procedures, registration at the authorities, property search, administrative tasks and appointments, etc. We will of course prepare a personalised quote according to your needs.

What if I need additional services?

We can add any service at any time. HR need to approve the additional costs first. Individuals need to send a request in written, which is added to the first contract.